One of the hallmarks of a successful in business is how well you attend to the small details. Doing the little things properly and not understate their importance in your big picture. Just simple things like making sure your countertops are wiped down and keeping the pads and the floors clean in your dojo. It should not look and smell like a downstairs home rumpus room.

Your marketing and branding must be clean and logical and carry a very simple message. You must communicate very clearly who you are and what it is that you do. I quite often use the analogy of “just don’t make people think.” It has to be really obvious. Give people too many choices and it creates hesitation in making a decision and that is something you want to avoid.

From the time the inquiry sees your homepage, to the time they come into the class they need to be impressed every step of the way. You want them running out of the class and signing up immediately. And that is a well thought out  process that must be followed every step of the way from initial inquiry to membership and beyond, every time.  I can help you with that. Andy.

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