The Secret

With the Northstar Ju Jitsu you have the option to power your business with a very strong back end customer resource management system. It has taken over 10 years to develop and is the nuts and bolts that drives the Northstar success.  Andy Dickinson developed Business of Motion (BOM) and it is exclusively used by Northstar Ju Jitsu.


Each Northstar Ju Jitsu school can have their own exclusive user name and log in details that can be assessed online from any location.  From the moment an enquiry comes in Business of Motion begins a process that follows, reminds and books in the prospect. Follows up the attendance, takes the prospect to member in the click of one button and the icing on the cake; it has an inbuilt payment portal that records all payments. Then it follows up with retention and service calls, emails and texts.

The best part of BOM is that so much of it is automated, and it is incredibly easy to use. BOM is the secret that helps Northstar Ju Jitsu schools get and stay a head of the competition. Once you get started, with a little training, all you have to do is teach and watch your school grow.

Visit Northstar Martial Arts to see the successful results using Business of Motion. Andy went from 100 to 1000 students in 4 years and you can too.