As service-based businesses, we need to remain visual. Visual on social media, newsletters, blog posts and podcasts. The moment we stop, we collect dust and people will soon forget about us. Now is the time to put yourself out there.

Great content is the key. Oh, and do not expect people to just spend their hard-earned cash so easily. You need to develop a relationship of trust, whereby people get to know you over weeks, months and even years. I see so many people just constantly trying to sell, sell and sell, their focus is only on closing the deal.

Always make giving access to free information that is relevant to the interests of your readers and listeners your number one contact strategy. This is just so easy. At present I write for 3 blogs. I separate my business. The first one is to the Northstar Martial Arts students. Then I write a more holistic blog to my personal website and lastly business blogs to All have a different flavour. I do not push out just random posts, they are well thought through and provide relevant interesting content. Minimum 300 words, maximum 700 words.

Your blogs are even better if they offer a free report or eBook. At present I give away 7 eBooks and 2 meditations with almost 600 downloads. But how you ask do I make money if I give all of my information away for free? As I mentioned it is about building trust. Trust that you care about their needs and interests and how you can show that as your primary aim by continual personal touches. Not just doing what most businesses do when they have your email address, they spam the life out of you. Making money comes later.

Setting up a podcast show is a great way to lift the value of yourself and your brand. It is really simple. Record short 20-30minute interviews with movers and shakers in your industry locally and globally. Easily edit them and place them on a cost-effective podcast app, then link them to Spotify and iTunes. Such a great way to lift your profile.

Try not to bombard social media. Post interesting photos that support your business. Keep the explanations short and let’s tone down the tags. Too many tags just stinks of trying to immediately close. It says, “I just want more and give it to me now.” Your YouTube channel is an important player. We all have smart phones that record. You do not need a production crew. Just give some thought to what technique of the week you are working and post it.

So many businesses are just throwing their time and money away by not developing the subtle awareness of your readers. Once you are established a relationship with your reader and your free content is flowing, In between all of the free and informative content, ask to purchase your products and/or attend your Zoom Live streamed classes.

This way may seem long winded, but both in times when people are struggling and also when the economy is booming, they, like me are sick and tired of the constant stream of emails that want to just sell you something. Build a relationship, build trust, then service their needs indirectly.