Features & Benefits for Licensees.

Being a Northstar licensee holds many features and benefits that will be attractive to students and business owners. 

Features & Benefits for Licensees.

Defined Program


Northstar Ju Jistu provides you with a complete program from white to black belt including written syllabus and defined goals. Having everything done for you allows you time to concentrate on teaching and generating students and not on class plans and course structure. Plus the credibility of a unique Australian Martial Art developed by a leading practitioner. Hear what others are saying.

Resource Management System


There is an optional extra the provides a complete administration system for customer communication and retention to run your new business. This frees you up to concentrate on teaching and generating students. You can easily expand without extra costs and overheads, Northstar went from 100 student to 1000 in four years with this system.

Strong, unique and robust. Check it out.



There are many entry levels ranging from one program to the entire system. You choose what programs you’re comfortable starting your school with. As you get established it’s easily to add on new programs and expand your school. Many licensees start with an adults class in the evenings so they can take the time to transition from their full time employment.

Grading System


You have a monthly grading event with Sensei Andy Dickinson founder of the Northstar System. This offers you the credibility of a unique Australian Martial Art developed by a leading practitioner and frees time so you can concentrate on teaching and generating new students.

Business Mentor


There is the option for Andy Dickinson to mentor you on how to run and expand your business. In any new business mistakes can be fatal, with Northstar Ju Jistu you have the option to learn from someone who has done it all before. You will not make the same mistakes as Andy as he has built his business of over 1000 students.



Northstar has a detailed and well trafficked website, You Tube channel, marketing materials and community profile. There is the option for Andy to provide marketing advice on how to generate new students. Northstars profile adds credibility to your marketing efforts. Don’t make the same marketing mistakes as Andy as he built his business to over 1000 students



Regular meetings with other licensees. This is a critical element in the success of all the licensees. The licensees are not in competition as they have very different and discrete areas they generate students from. They support each other, learn and share. They undertake the same journey together.

No upfront charges


Northstar does not charge any upfront fee, all your costs are associated with income. This gives you the opportunity to build a business quickly and become profitable without a high outlay. It will only take a small number of students to be in profit. This makes transiting from a job you don’t like to one you are passionate about less stressful, less of a risk and something well within you reach./span>



Northstar Ju Jitsu licenses the use of the intellectual property in its Little Stars, Bright Stars, Super Stars and Northstar Ju Jitsu programs. We deliberately choose to not impose business methods on our licensees, in the manner that a franchisor would, and we encourage our licensees to develop methods that work for them. We offer guidance and support where licensees seek it, but by no means make it mandatory.

Visit Northstar Martial Arts to see how Andy has built his school with over 1000 students.

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